Verbal Vendettas: The Invasion of Privacy

Verbal Vendettas: The Invasion of Privacy is simply one man’s eavesdropping crusade to accumulate some of the most entertaining reverberations, attacks and counter attacks by people you don’t even know exist. These succulent dialogues were milked from all media outlets- Blogs, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Text messages, books, newspapers, magazines, radio, TVs, Yahoo Answers, YouTube and real life interactions.

Disclaimer: The characters and illustrations in this book bear no resemblance or links to any person living, dead, or cartooned. Any resemblance between the characters in this book, to anyone or anything dead or undead, is a miracle.

Furthermore, I’m merely a lazy reporter and “rearranger.” Yes, I plagiarized. Actually, I did my research, lots and lots of excruciating research. You know what they say: if you steal from one person, it’s plagiarism but if you steal from multiple people, its research. Some of these verbatim do not reflect my views or opinions on the topics at hand and some of the grammatical and simplistic errors are there only to reserve the creativity, purity and originality of the interactions. In other words, there’s no f**king way I’m re-wording and editing all these texts. My personal comments and opinions however, can be freely scrutinized grammatically. By the way, this book contains a lot of “French” so be forewarned.

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