I once enjoyed and reveled in traveling the world alone and experiencing things that others would only dream about. I would even gloat about how much I’ve learned about myself and how much I’ve grown by traveling alone. I would also passionately encourage others to follow suite…at least once in their lives.

Maybe there’s a specific number of time you travel alone before the dust clears and “they all start to disappear…cuz there was a shift in the paradigm.” Cue song of the day: Clean Bandit – Dust Clears ft. Noonie Bao

11 days into this trip to China, what’s been slowly brewing dawned on me so hard that I saw a foreign couple in Guangzhou China and had to fight 2 tear drops from uncharacteristically escaping my eyes: I no longer enjoy traveling alone. Side Note: I would have sworn that Mr. Probz’s “Wave” was playing somewhere around me. Hmm.

I once found traveling alone…especially to questionable places, challenges worth dying for! Days before the trip, I’d romanticize previous trips in anticipation of the experience that awaits me. What troubles will I face this time? Which barriers will I have to overcome this time? What will be my response of choice to people blatantly starring at me, taking pictures and making videos as if I wasn’t created to walk on 2 legs. Will I also pull out my phone and retaliate by taking pictures and videos of them, or grin like I’m getting paid to display all 32 teeth? Or will I maybe break out into an elaborate dance that I once did in Qingdao, China that delivered simultaneous heart attacks to a few old ladies (there were not expecting that ish!)

Not only do I find myself wishing I had someone to share these experiences with, I find myself:

  • Spending the first few hours in each city looking for locals and other internationals to enjoy my trips with
  • Skipping some of the exploration or key activities/locations on my agenda hoping that I will return someday and experience it for the first time with someone else
  • Hating on couples! Do that ish at home!

It’s a strange feeling I tell you; maybe it’s time to start looking for a wife…hence the title of this blog post!


I’m close but I’m not there yet. 2 more milestones to hit in life before I give in to that expectation unless of course the universe and so many other forces band together to repent me by all means necessary!

Time stamp:
It’s 4:19pm on September 21st in Shenzhen China. I’ve had quite a lovely day alone! A few more hours and I will head to Xiamen, a city that’s been on my list forever!

Forever Forward!

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