Traveling is not mysterious

It amazes me that so many in the USA see TRAVELING as this mysterious cake that only a handful of privileged upper-class citizens get to enjoy while the rest live vicariously.

I laugh when people are astonished that I’ve managed to travel to over 20 countries at such a young age and in a very short time span. And that’s because I’m neither luckier than the next guy nor hand-picked and ‘specifically blessed by God’ to travel in a manner that defies the norm! From a young age, I had a dream to travel the world and I laser-focused my passion and determination after a simple conversation with a visionary…that’s it!

You can travel with no money

You must not ignore the fact that I started traveling the world when I had almost no money and managed to do over 10 countries while I was still in college. So I apologize that I do not accept, “I don’t have the money,” as an excuse for not traveling. I understand that there are extreme circumstances and preventative situations, however, if you’re holding a US Passport or Permanent Resident card, it’s really a shame if you can’t find a way to travel….even if it’s to Canada.

Most of the entire world is at your disposal; you either do not need visas or you just need to fill out simple forms to get visas to almost any country of your choosing. Holding a US passport and not traveling is like having an expensive piece of antique in your possession and not know it. There are simply too many opportunities out there and Google alone has made it so much more convenient to find these opportunities.

Plane tickets are usually the largest cost

When it comes to traveling the world, especially on a budget, there’s no secret that your biggest cost is or should be your airplane ticket unless if you’re traveling somewhere much closer. That said, the smartest thing you can do is to travel with a pack…a pack of people because once you secure your airplane ticket, the remainder of your travel cost is significantly reduced by every additional person you can add to your “pack.” It also helps to be an excellent planner or have pack members who are extremely savvy! That was my biggest asset…I had friends who deserve awards for world-class planning skills (Shout out to Tiffany and Suki)!

If you are really passionate about traveling, stop looking at your bank balance and start thinking outside the box with some creativity and you’ll be as dumb-founded as I was when I discovered that there are plenty of ways to travel without money. Start with Canada for Mufasa’s sake and if you are fortunate enough to make it to Europe, get a Euro Rail pass and do multiple countries!

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