I finally made it to Toronto, Canada after 30+ countries!

Toronto is so close to the United States and should have been checked off the list by now! Somehow, the interest wasn’t there until now. However, after just 4 days exploring the city, I am a huge fan. And given the close proximity, flight affordability and variety of activities, I’LL BE BACK!

We spent 4 days in Toronto and walked about 30 miles in 3 days. Then we slept the entire 4th day before heading back to the US! In fact, on the Friday we arrived, we clocked about 14 miles on foot. And by the last day, we got smarter and started biking everywhere.

The entire trip was beautiful and exhausting at the same time and we did a lot more than I could capture in my videos below. Toronto had a weird New York vibe but in a completely different and polite way. I hope you enjoy my wacky video compilation rough draft below!

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