Yesterday I was listening to the radio and this guy, an author, was almost gloating and laughing about men and women making mistakes. He said:

When men get drunk, they end up in jail;

When women get drunk, they end up in strangers’ beds;

At first, a funny thought came to me and then I quickly realized there’s potential ‘classic date rape’ written all over those statements which is definitely a serious issue. Because if the above statements were remotely true, then who’s beds are these drunk women ending up in? Once the drunk men are in jail, there are only sober men left. And if you’re sober and have a drunk girl making ‘mistakes’ in your bed, that’s Classic Date Rape. Even if you’re equally drunk and you manage to escape jail, having a drunk girl making mistakes in your bed could also be classified as date rape for one of you. Either way you look at it, there’s potential date rape involved.

That said, common sense dictates that you avoid going home with strangers at ALL COST! It could literally cost you everything. This whole notion of going out to clubs and going home with strangers was so enticing and promising in college. Looking back now, I see the handwriting on the wall; What a dangerous game we played! It only takes one conversation with the ‘wrong person’ to bring your world crashing down! Sadly, I have a few friends that have fallen victim to this very plight.

Date rape could be much simpler than going Bill Cosby on a woman. Quite frankly, if a woman wakes up next to you and decides that she didn’t consent, despite how much consenting she was doing the previous night, there’s date rape involved. I do have an obligation to add that men can also be date rape victims even although it’s extremely difficult to prove in the 21st century unless if there’s some BillCosbying involved.

So the rule of thumb is quite simple. If she’s can’t LEGALLY operate a vehicle or sign consent papers, whatever she says is an automatic NO!

NO means NO!

MAYBE means NO!

YES means NO!

And if you’re unsure, it’s safe to go with NO!

KNOW who you are and do not let instant gratification ruin your future, reputation and life because once you a negative statistic, life quickly gets increasingly miserable.

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