November 24th, 2018 | Owerri, Nigeria

My ears are bleeding from the sound of the generator… Constantly buzzing with no end in sight… It should not be so in a country with so much oil and so much untapped solar energy.

It’s 5am and I cannot sleep.

If the oil won’t generate the electricity, solar energy would gladly step in… But of course those who make their living selling gas and generators won’t allow it through the political process…

And it’s really sad and depressing that all the issues you point out have been accepted as “that’s the way it is” by the people. They don’t care about a revolution… They just don’t have the luxury.

Unfortunately, the people have no choice but to continously worry about where their next meal will come from… It doesn’t pay today or tomorrow to worry about the future. Worst of all, those they’ve elected to worry about the future have continously and intentionally failed them and have no immediate plans to stop failing them.

Religion stepped in to play the middle man… but continues to be an effective tool to control the people and their minds. God will not miraculously upgrade Nigeria, ‘We The People’ must!

Arise, O Compatriots.

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