His name was Mr. Patel…A 67 year old man from India and Kenya who now lives in the United States. It amazed me at how similar our stories were…He grew up extremely poor and with one shirt, one trouser and no shoes, completed his first year in university and went on to help 3 kids complete school in Kenya. He then spent a majority of his life helping so many people in India, Kenya and even in the US. You certainly do not have to be rich to make an impact and his life was a testament.¬†Today, he found himself in dire need of help and God chose me as a vessel to answer his prayers.

Personally, I was having a most unusual day especially with my flight scheduling from Louisville to Guangzhou, China but I did not let that phase me when my heart was compelled to bless Mr. Patel. He traveled to LA to see an eye specialist…Apparently he has developed a cataract in his left eye and was having some difficulties with his sight… Screwed by Spirit Airline (Read about my horrendous experience with Spirit Airline) with no seat on the plane, he found himself shopping around from airline to airline to find the cheapest possible flight home. Unfortunately, he did not have enough money to purchase a cheap ticket from Southwestern Airlines.

He was only short by $36 but couldn’t find anyone to help him.

Defeated, he sits next to me and I welcomed him with a smile. “Brother, are you from Africa?” he asked. He then proceeds to tell me his story and it was immediately obvious that he spent a lot of time in Africa where the intense spirit of giving, ¬†hospitality and selflessness is everywhere but always overshadowed by the negativity.¬†I felt in my spirit that I must help this guy as he was tired and his luggage were heavy. I told him to wait for me while I find an ATM… I came back a few minutes later with $40 and asked him to be blessed. The emotions and gratitude were so overwhelming that the tears flowed freely… He insisted that I give him my number and he’ll repay me. I disagreed.. I told him that today, God has manifested himself… “No matter how small this is, he sees your heart and all that you’ve done for others and he wants you to get home safely and know that he remembers your kindness….”

He then blessed me and went over to Southwest Airlines to catch one of the only few seats left. I am currently filled with joy because there’s no deed more gratifying than giving…giving freely…giving freely to a complete stranger. No matter how small the gift, it should mean the world when someone’s prayers are answered through you!


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