Insecurities are inevitable.

Yet, we flaunt about daily like polished resumes…painting one-sided pictures that are extreme and massaged versions of the truth. Sometimes, they are so transparent that everyone can see the struggles in your pictures…the worries in your eyes…and how you can’t even afford to be the person you present to be…Insecurities are inevitable. Frankly, insecurities and struggles are inevitable and it’s alright for people to know that we have them; it’s actually helpful for others to know they’re not the only ones struggling with their demons. You could actually help them win their battles in the “open” because in the dark, the demons have home court advantage and are dangerously powerful.. They have the unique ability of making you feel as if it’s just you versus the world with no help in sight! Yet, we overwhelmingly focus on our highlight reels as if our pictures, snaps and posts represent all 24 hours of each day. What about those other 16 hours we spend alone? What demons do we fight alone and in the dark? And what battles are we yet to win? You know, the people we are MOST of the time! Not the 1 minute highlights you choose to show me…that I choose show you. That’s not us; that’s just the 0.07% and you can’t keep it 100 without the remaining 99.93%.

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