Westerners will never understand how heavy the burden some of us immigrants have to carry is. So many mouths!

It breaks my heart daily… over and over again that I can’t help my people as much as I’d love to… What makes it worse is that they’ll never understand how difficult it is to create a meaningful separation between your income and your ever encroaching mandatory expenses…Even then, they still never understand how many other people are asking for help at the same time… That’s why I’m so grateful for my parents that gave us everything but ask for very little in return.

Almost every day, I see so many immigrants walking around with the weight of the world on their shoulders and I feel for them…They smile but you can see it in their eyes; so many people are counting on them and depending on their success… Every victory is short-lived because every second wasted could mean another fallen family member back home! But we’ll never give up hope… As long as we have breath, we’ll fight for ourselves, our families our countries and our continent!

So if you see an immigrant, please give him/her a hug! They’ve been through enough!

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