If I Were gOD: These Are The Rules

by churific of churific.com

The inspiration for ‘If I Were gOD: These Are The Rules or “blasphemous caricature,” as some would call it, was fueled by one question: If you could create a planet, what type of planet would it be? This got us thinking of how imperfect, unfair and ridiculous our world is. The rules are ill-written and some things simply should never be. The fact that you’re always one second away from having your existence terminated is freaking mind-boggling. What if we could have a world where you get a chance to live more than once, shop for lives and check out different lifestyles?

In the world we’ve created, SPHERICA, you can do just that. Forget economics, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a world that is not always running out of resources and where everyone has an equal chance of survival…or at least a close to equal access to the “basic necessities.” In Spherica, desires come to life as we create an ideal world based on second chances, flexibility and “fair” consequences.

As a firm believer in continuous improvement and flexibility, there are clearly a lot of enhancements that could be applied to our precious planet, Earth! Does it make any sense for so many to work so hard for years and climb out of some of the most unbelievable circumstances only to have it all end a second later? Does it make sense to spend years searching for the “one”, wasting countless hours studying, setting lifelong goals, etc. just to have it all gone in the blink of an eye? I have no freaking idea. What are we doing about it? What we as humans do best, absolutely nothing!

On the one hand we could start a discussion that gets people thinking so that maybe one out of the millions can come up with a solution to make our standard of living better. Or just bitch & moan until we feel better. Going with the latter option, Spherica attempts to address some of the anomalies that plagues “earth” in a unique way and capitalizes on measurable fairness. By the way, we do pose a lot of unanswered, rhetorical questions!

Yes, there are a lot of loopholes and questions that Spherica cannot and will not answer. And there are also some key topics that Spherica fails to address but feel free to fill in the gap or ponder over them with your people given that they also bought a copy of this book. This book will definitely challenge your thoughts and beliefs but will ultimately prepare you for the first novel in the SEEDLIFE SERIES, GENESIS: The Legend of The First Seeds.

Please read this book with an open mind as it is a fiction. There is no harm or religious gestures intended. We are simply voicing our concerns and addressing our frustrations with earth in a more constructive manner. This book gives you a basic overview of our thought process; we could write a thousand pages but unfortunately, we are forced to cater to the less than 100-page attention span of the 21st century.

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