My friends and I graduated college six years ago. To put that time into perspective, according to Google, six years is the amount of time it takes to earn $61.5M as a professional American football player, or to be diagnosed with bipolar disease. Given the choice between these two options, the former might seem the obvious choice to most. To me, getting knocked over the head a few times every month by large brawny beasts of men does not seem like a pragmatic approach to ending up with more zeroes in the bank account not to mention that only a select few with specific genetic blessings could get rich quick(er) through sports. For the rest of us with undesirable genes, Side Hustle(s) are the way to go.

Everyone should have a side hustle

Everyone should have a side hustle with specific end games in mind. Those could be to supplement your income, to save for a car, house, trip, wife or even to get rich quick(er). If your specific end game is to get rich quick(er), below are 10 unlikely ways to accomplish that. Unfortunately, like gambling, the likelihood of success is almost nonexistent and these require lots of praying, investing (time, money, etc.) and luck. And do so at your own risk!

Win The Parents’ Lottery

If you’re reading this post, chances are you failed and you need to move on to #2. But if you’re successful in get rich, either your spouse will pull a #2 and marry you or your kids will certainly win the parents’ lottery.

Marry Rich

This is self explanatory. Although rich people tend to marry rich, you could be one of the lucky few to end up as the poster child of every love movie ever made! But again, let’s not understate the difficulty of finding a partner in the top 1% unless you’re already in the 1% yourself, or in a top-10 school. A few things to consider given this age of prenups, is that the point is to stay rich even when (if?) the marriage dissolves. Therefore during the marriage try to ensconce as many valuable things as possible. Haha! And count yourself extra lucky if you are able to find a rich spouse who loves you as much as you love them…and of course their money.

Win The Offspring Lottery

If you’re lucky enough, one of your kids will turn out with specific genetic blessings that would allow them to exponentially add zeroes to your bank account through sports. But you better recognize it early enough and sign them up from the age of 0.

Win The Lottery or Gamble

Of course there are several forms (Powerball, MegaMillion, Scratch-offs, casinos, bingo, etc.) As we write, the Powerball currently stands at $478MM with a cash value of $330M. To win the Powerball, all you have to do is invest $2 and then guess the 5 numbers plus the Powerball number. Just like that, you’ll have riches beyond your wildest dreams…and then you’ll wake up!

Build A Startup or Design a New Product

Unfortunately, you won’t get rich as quick as you’d like by building a startup but you could get lucky and have your startup acquired by one of the behemoths for a ridiculous amount within your first 5 years of operation if what you’re offering is unique and delicious enough…like snuggies.

Write A Book

Have an active imagination? Put it into writing and you could find yourself richer than Donald Trump. If you’re writing in the 21st century, don’t assume that a bunch of teens will go out and buy your books. No! Write with the intention of BIG SCREEN in your head. Your goal is to have your book converted into a TV series or a movie with at least 5 sequels. As shown by the case of Harry Potter, creating stories purely out of fantasy can pull one out of poverty into riches “overnight.” So if you’re the kind of person who spends the day daydreaming of talking animals and flying utensils, you should probably monetize your madness.

Land a Corrupt Deal

Don’t believe what you see in the media. Corruption pays. And FAST. Sure you might get some jail time but you’ll be rich quick(er). Especially if you managed to assemble an excellent finance and law team before your prosecution. That way, you’ll have a hefty sum stacked away in an undiscovered island awaiting your release. We neither recommend nor endorse #7.

Treat Your Savings Account Like a Bill 

Saving and investing sounds boring and old-school especially if you have very little to save and/or invest but as evidenced by the likes of Warren Buffett and others, it really does work. It likely won’t be as quick as the 1st 7 but at least you’ll die rich.

Go Viral 

Making a viral video on YouTube is easier said than done. There’s no measure or formula for exactly what goes viral. You could either get lucky and video tape a rat speaking English or you can take the persistent route and make one million random video with the expectation of at least 1 going viral.

Do The Impossible

In this realm of unlikelihood, the impossibilities are endless. You could find a large sum of money or have a Nigerian Prince send you millions. You could also find a 300-year old treasure on the beach or beg a billionaire for money through a heart-felt letter. Or even start a silly Go-Fund-Me campaign or win a lawsuit against Wal-Mart after purposefully slipping and falling on a tomato.

On a real note, getting rich quick is unlikely but getting rich quick(er) is even less likely. So on your journey to financial freedom, you must take care of the important things below and more while working on your Side Hustle.

Identifying Your Tiny Giants

Managing Your Bills

Saving Wisely

Micromanaging Your Fun

Cutting Your Losses Short


by Churific and Nelumbo


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