As humans, we are extremely vulnerable and we will forever be one action or a few seconds away from doing something destructive.

Whether you’re a believer or not, “SIN” grows best in the dark and it’s extremely crucial to have at least one person that you are completely transparent with. We all need people in our lives who care enough to bring some tough love and well deserved constructive criticisms to help us work through our “sins.” The right friendship can save you a life of sorrow, regret and anguish!

If you have friends who only know all the paths to the wrong things and are constantly holding you back, causing mishaps and missteps, it may be time for a friendship upgrade.

Some of those friends are going absolutely nowhere with their lives and have conveniently settled for serving as preventative anchors to your greatness. Stop settling and feeling a need to “help them turn their lives around” or “see reason” and save the friendship. It is time you shake the weight and invest in new friendships. Friendships that will sharpen you, challenge you and push you to the next level in your development. You need those who aren’t afraid to call out your weaknesses and stand behind you as you power through them while strengthening your strengths!

Today I listened to Pastor Craig speak on ‘A Way Out’ and he really touched me with his message. I needed such a reminder! Let me try and paraphrase:

Why is it that the spirit is so willing and yet the body is so weak and so susceptible to temptation and sin?

We are often weak because we have not bonded to that which makes us strong! We are incredibly vulnerable to those things and desires that are addicting. However, when we are bonded to those things and those people that make us strong, we are more resistance to temptation and addictions. In a nutshell, whatever you feed, grows but whatever you starve, dies!

The right friendship can save your life!

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