When searching for someone or a partner or something, it’s okay to be vulnerable but don’t sound desperate…even if you are.

“I’m down for anything.”

Are you really? What if he or she asks you to shave ALL your hair, everywhere… or attend a KKK rally wearing an all-black Assassins Creed robes? Are you down for that?

That’s a disqualifier. Besides sounding desperate with zero subtleness, it screams” I don’t know what I want.” And when reversed, it dwarfs your chances because no one who knows exactly what they want would want you. So you’d end up with people just like you who don’t know what they want and are “down for anything.”

Even if you add “within reason,” it sounds a bit lazy to me… And also cautious as if you’re scared or worried about losing potential matches so you appeal to as wide a pool as possible. Don’t!

After weeks or months of aimlessness with someone who’s “down for anything,” it all falls down, it all falls down, it all falls down, it all falls!

Know exactly what you want or need and don’t compromise too much. It’s better to spend a lifetime searching than to settle “down for anything.”

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