We are con men!

I will end this revelation by beckoning you to choose carefully what lies you tell yourself and the lies you choose to believe because to find your voice is to find yourself but you must beware of what else you may find! You’d obviously find that we are all, indeed, con men.

But I will start with the near-factual opinion that we lie to others and ourselves

We never show who we truly are but rather what we want others to see and even what others want to see in us. We build our entire lives on the expectations of others while having no self-enforced expectations…lives of likes, Photoshop, enhancements, filters, applause, re-tweets, shares and plus ones. They come crumbling down rather quickly and disastrously. You wake up one day and everything and everyone, the lies, you know to be true are long gone and impossibly far and unreachable…Imagine the day after graduation, birthday celebration or your wedding day…and you are left standing as an empty shell with absolutely no purpose in life and with more questions than even God could answer…You stand with guilt, shame and regret while wondering what you’ve done with your life and where the ever-present time has raced to.

Do we even know who we are?

Am I who I’ve always wanted to be? Have I made my own decisions or am I simply a subconscious collection of expectations from those I’ve tried to impress and please over the course of my self-deemed important life…parents, siblings, friends, lovers, enemies? Who are we? We’ve been lied to by ourselves and others regarding how free our wills are and how limitless the possibilities and aspirations should be. But quite frankly, it’s best to believe such lies as “nothing is impossible” and “you can be whatever you want to be” than to be smacked with the negative reality that life isn’t as short as you believe it to be and there are limitations on every single corner. Even those with silver spoons and accumulated wealth and power beyond maximum imagination face tremendous difficulties and limitations…how much more cockroaches like ourselves that dare to dream and dream big!

I am a con man!

I have lied to myself about my worth and the impossibilities and eternal depth or height of my assumed rise to world domination. Also, I have indeed believed that nothing is impossible and I stand the conqueror of every obstacle and challenge that dares stand before me. The truth is, I am insignificant…I have fears, nightmares, reservations and am scared to death of the possibility of prolonged mental, physical, and financial poverty…but most importantly, I am terrified of death. Aren’t we all pretenders? Once gain, I say unto you, choose carefully what lies you tell yourself and the ones you choose to believe because to find your voice is to find yourself but beware of what else you may find!

We are con men.

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