These are my final thoughts as I leave China and head back to the United States of America!

During this trip, I was blessed to visit Guangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zencheng and Hong Kong. It truly has been an eye-opening experience and from the moment I set foot in Beijing, I was highly amazed and was quickly immersed into a culture that has forever peaked my interest. Most things were very different from my expectations…Quite frankly, I’m not even sure what my expectations were but I was pleasantly surprised!

On another note, the pace at which these cities in China are being developed is simply incredible and the infrastructural designs are quite remarkable. Not only have they been able to imitate Western elements, they’ve managed to make it better while somehow maintaining the Chinese essence. It continuously amazed me how huge these cities were both in size and population. You ask someone, what’s the population of this city, Suzhou? They reply, “oooh, it’s just a small city…you know..maybe only 12 million people.” Ha! Incredible. Even the tiny cities have 5-10 million people.

Side Note: The driving is a bit crazy! Almost worse than driving in Nigeria were the street signs and traffic lights are simply suggestions and recommendations.

As you can tell, I truly enjoyed my experience in China and my ten-year multi-entry visa will be used over and over again! It is noteworthy that I met 3 fantastic young ladies in Guanzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The unforgettable memories will live forever…tautology intended! I’d actually like to live in Guangzhou or Shanghai for a year and learn a few more sentences!

USA, ready or not, here I come. Cisco’s dead but I’m unleashing the dragon in his stead. As I write this, I can hear Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ blasting off in my head!



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