Today, I decided to get braces and it’s happening tomorrow! I’ll try and do a weekly video and blog post track my progress. We’ll discuss toothpaste, cleaning, flossing, eating, sleeping and just living with braces! For this first post, I’d like to explain why I decided to get braces especially traditional!

As I start to make money and take care of my family both in the US and Nigeria, I had to make sure I took care of myself as well; Physically, mentally and emotionally to bring out the best possible version of myself which also impacts those around me!

So, I started taking care of myself in different ways….

  1. Overall Health – exercising, enhanced diet, dancing, soccer, hiking, boxing, running; still working on sleeping (I get about 4 hours a night…I may have to give Luna a shot!)
  2. Skin Care – showering and exfoliating with Just Natural products, bathing/soaking frequently and keeping the skin extremely happy!
  3. Teeth – Of course brushing twice a day, flossing both incorrectly and correctly, religiously keeping my dental visits and now pivoting to enhance my overall teeth appearance and bite.

Now, why did I choose the traditional braces?

  1. Money – I was able to negotiate to pay (after insurance) just $975 for traditional versus $4000 for Invisalign or $3,000 for Lingual. That’s a no-brainer for me despite all the benefits of Invisalign and Lingual!
  2. Timing – I’m trying to get in and get out like McDonald! This is why I even chose the metal brackets for both top and bottom teeth (the clear brackets would add about 2 months to the overall process.)  That said, I’m expecting 6-8 months for the overall process versus 12-16 months for Invisalign or 10 months with Lingual braces.
  3. Dental Visits – With traditional, I’d see my orthodontist once every two months versus bi-weekly for Invisalign.
  4. Comfort – I’ve been told that traditional braces are much more comfortable to deal with especially with teeth adjustments! Your teeth readjusts to the braces once every 2 months versus every other week with Invisalign!
  5. Results – Traditional braces have proven to provide the best and longer lasting results!


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