If you ask people about where they grew up, chances are, they’d find it boring. That’s because we never behave like “tourists” in our hometown and explore all the intricacies. I went to high school in Baton Rouge and then disappeared for college only to visit my family about once or twice a year. During the 4 years I spent in the city, I never explored it so I found it boring and empty.

I finally got a chance to explore some of the city and was surprised at how much it had to offer. We had just 3 hours to dash around Baton Rouge but it was too much fun. Baton Rouge is no NYC, but definitely not as bad as I thought it was. I guess I understand why most people don’t care much for the cities they grew up in.

Random thought: Baton Rouge is home to me even though I only spent 4 years there. My mom is there and home is wherever my mom is!

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