My week in Sydney, Australia was simply one of the most memorable week I can recall.

Maybe I’m being a bit biased since it’s quite recent but it was a week for the ages and I got a chance to spend it with an incredible host who I met in Guangzhou, China 6 weeks prior. I call her the Queen of Australia and the goddess of Oceania because she’s quite something to behold…an incredible human being!

She really set the highest standard possible for what every vacation week should be. I tried so much and did even more and said “wow” more than a thousand times. Every moment felt so natural and special and of course the foods were as delicious as they were diverse. Omelette, meat pies, pizzas, even sweet potatoes and regular fries delivered such tantalizing flavors to my senses. And of course I can’t forget the people…The people in Sydney were extremely welcoming, friendly and adorable with hospitality and “tiny crowds.” I often joked about how cute and tiny the crowds were and how fast and seamless you could get things done even during the supposedly “crowded” Vivid events (there’s only about 4.5 million people in Sydney so the crowds were pretty small compared to other places I’ve visited, especially Shanghai, China.)

I did occasionally forget about the driving on the left side of the road and of course walking on the same side as well.

Apparently, I crossed the streets extremely slowly. This trip truly expanded my horizon in every area imaginable and my passion for traveling has only been infused with more energy. There’s so much to do, so much to taste and so much to experience. God grant me the strength because I am forever an Explorer and I refuse to age with regrets of things and places I didn’t do and go! I do hope to see the Queen again. I certainly owe her one and I’ve made it clear to her that if she ever sets foot in North America, I’d be her host and I’ll do my best to return the favor. Please enjoy our summary video below and live vicariously through me! Muhahaha.

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