I haven’t updated my blog in so long because I’ve been so busy trying to find myself that I lost the inspiration to write. I thought I knew myself, my values and my aspirations. However, in New York City, I quickly became a stranger to myself. I remain the same in the mirror but everything else was growing more difficult to recognize. It’s taken a year of trials, errors and false starts to arrive at this stop…both literally and figuratively.

I have wasted time, energy and money on people and things that do not add value. Of course hindsight is a bit unfair to my justifications at the time but even then I knew… I knew I was “kicking” so many cans down the road; telling myself that I’ve worked so hard for so many years and it’s alright to slack for just 1 week…1 month…1 year. It’s been a year now and I’m just relieved to have found myself…again.

Life’s not short. But it’s too short to keep wanting and waiting on people who don’t want you… equally… approximately.

With more than 7 billion people in the world…statistics are in your favor. Its not easy but if you can will yourself into developing short term memories for those who don’t “want” you equally… approximately, things get so much better.

But first, you have to really know yourself.. and that, I find, takes approximately 30 years… at least in my case.

It’s time to let go…and “start over” because the foundation is already ruined and it’s unwise to keep building on it!

*I get philosophical whenever I’m in China and I know why. Let’s just say that I see things very differently from this part of the world…and this part of the world sees me differently as well! Or it could just be the 14-hour flight from Detroit to Shanghai. Either ways, expect more soon!


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