African women tend to be extremely loyal

It takes lots of energy, persistence, supernatural intervention plus an arm and two legs to land a proper African woman. Please disregard those stereotypical gold-digging African women that are only interested in an expedited path to riches who will cling onto anything with a positive bank account balance! Anyways, once you get proper African women to date you, they tend to be extremely loyal. They’d stay in these useless relationships until the bottom falls completely out of the boat. Even then, they’d somehow find a way to hang on to the sides of the boat.

This is somewhat because some African women lack the concept of sunk cost. And traditionally speaking, they tend to see themselves marrying the first, second, third and pretty much every man they date. That’s why they say that women want the first person they date to be their last while men want to meet ‘the one’ last. Regardless, it should never matter how many years you’ve invested in a relationship; there are certain signs that are deal breakers and automatically categorize deem all investments as sunk cost…even in a marriage!

I am a Nigerian man and I am yet to have a woman run from me and live a regret-free life! Ha! But seriously, some of these signs can be glaringly obvious and extremely blinding, yet, these African women find ways and self-justified excuses to illogically hang onto these toxic relationships… It’s incredulous!

Strive to make the best decision for you

The older African women get, the more intense the pressures to get married and have kids get. They almost become desperately compelled and determined to make these detrimental relationships work. They end up settling and giving up so much…including a chance at true happiness and at that thing called LOVE! Although traditions must not be completely ignored, we must start evolving them by any pace necessary to meet current standards! Regardless of how much pressure you feel from friends, family, traditions, etc, you must try your hardest to make decisions that are best for you. Because once parents, friends and those pressures are “gone”, you’re the one stuck with whatever decisions you make or are forced into.

So before you say ‘I do,’ to anything or anyone, make sure you really do, do! Cheers! 🙂

*Footnote – I am very aware that a lot of women, not just African women, have similar tendencies. I write purely from my observations of my beautiful and tantalizing sisters from the chocolate planet! And please feel free to disagree and let’s converse.

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